Today’s Special                   今日のおすすめ

Monthly Lunch Special

Fresh Seafood Chirashi-Zushi


Slices of raw salmon, yellowtail, albacore tuna, scallops, sweet shrimp, salmon caviar, tobiko,

julienne omelet and pickled ginger are generously scattered on a bed of housemade

sushi rice mix with sweet vinegar, marinated carrot, lotus root, and shiitake mushroom.

Served with miso soup and pickles $15.80


Mother’s Day @ Kingyo

May 9th (Fri) – 11th (Sun)

Enjoy a delightful afternoon with people you love and care.

柚子ジェラートミモサ copy スモモと生姜のスパークリング copy

New Cocktails featuring Chef Akane’s favorite Cava Wine

Yuzu Lime Gelato Mimosa with Cava

Homemade Fresh Ginger & Plum Sparkling Cocktail

Yuzu x Calpico Soda

Mother’s Day Select Bento Boxes

肉御膳 小 魚御膳 小

肉御膳 Gifts from the Land or 魚御膳 Gifts from the Ocean

Please call 604-608-1677 for reservation because

Kingyo wants to make mother’s day extra special.

 Welcome to Kingyo Izakaya


Book your table @ 604-608-1677


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